How to Create Effective SEO Strategy-2023?

How to Create SEO Targeting Keywords List?

First, Create a targeting keywords list based on your business that will help to rank your page on google. Choose google suggested keywords, shown on the searching bar

Analyze your Competitor.

Analyze your competitors on google's first page. and create a better page with High-Quality Content.

On-page SEO Tips

1. Optimize All meta tags.

2. Canonical tags, Pages Internal Linking.

3. Add Schema markup Code for a better index.

4. Update Sitemap.xml file.

5. Optimize all Images alt tags.

Off-page Optimization.

1. Create High DA backlinks.

2. Blog Posting.

3. Article Submission.

4. Bookmarking & Directory Submission only High DA Site.

5. Q&A Quora Answer posting.

Social Media Marketing.

1. Publish your post on Social media sites.

2. Replay all comments and messages.

3. Use paid media Advertising.

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